What's new?

2018-09-03 – 'What is the Causal Impact of Information and Knowledge in Stated Preference Studies?' forthcoming in Resource and Energy Economics

The paper reports on a neat experiment, in which we exogeously vary the amount of information provided to people with various levels of a priori information, in the context of flood protection in Scotland.


2018-06-22 – 'Stated Preferences for Conservation Policies under Uncertainty: Insights on the Effect of Individuals' Risk Attitudes in the Environmental Domain.' forthcoming in Environmental and Resource Economics

In this paper we investigate, if presenting the effects of policy options as uncertain influences people's preferences. It does, and the effects depend on whether gains or loses are considered.


2018-03-27 – 'The Baltic Sea as a time machine for the future coastal ocean' forthcoming in Science Advances

Reversing the status of a highly disturbed marine ecosystem - lessons from science-based and 43 cross-border management of the Baltic Sea.


2018-03-20 – 'Receiver benefits and strategic use of call externalities in mobile telephony markets' forthcoming in Information Economics and Policy

We demonstrate the extent of incentives for incumbent mobile phone operators to increase off-net pricing to an entrant's network and discuss the resulting consequences for customer base growth and regulation.


2017-09-25 – 'Using geographically weighted choice models to account for the spatial heterogeneity of preferences' forthcoming in the Journal of Agricultural Economics

We develop a geographically weighted multinomial logit model to explicitly account for spatial distribution of preferences.


2017-07-17 – 'Addressing empirical challenges related to the incentive compatibility of stated preference methods' forthcoming in the Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization

We propose an econometric framework for incorporating latent beliefs over consequentiality into discrete choice models and apply the method to the case of funding municipal theaters in Warsaw.