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2023-09-10 – 'Volatile Energy Markets, Consumers and Energy Price Expectations' forthcoming in Energy Economics

Consumers in four EU countries, facing supply disruptions and rising energy prices due to Russia's war on Ukraine, exhibit a strong awareness of current motor fuel prices and the ability to form price expectations for various time horizons. However, they struggle to grasp current electricity and natural gas prices and anticipate higher, more uncertain growth rates for these energy sources.


2023-07-04 – 'Estimating environmental and cultural/heritage damages of a tailings dam failure: The case of the Fundão Dam in Brazil' forthcoming in Journal of Environmental Economics and Management

This landmark study quantifies Brazilian population's monetary value of environmental and cultural injuries caused by the Fundão Dam failure, emphasizing the need for considering non-market impacts and mining-related externalities.


2023-06-17 – 'Anomalies or Expected Behaviors? Understanding Stated Preferences and Welfare Implications in Light of Contemporary Behavioral Economics' forthcoming in Review of Environmental Economics and Policy

This paper challenges the notion that anomalies observed in stated preference studies are unique to that context, highlighting the existence of similar behavioral patterns across incentivized choice settings. Drawing from insights in behavioral economics, we explore alternative interpretations and propose approaches to incorporate non-standard behaviors into welfare analysis.


2023-05-31 – 'Willing or complying? The delicate interplay between voluntary and mandatory interventions to promote farmers' environmental behavior' forthcoming in Food Policy

Should the future EU Common Agricultural Policy include more mandatory reqirements or focus on (compensated) voluntary adoption? We investigate this using lab experiments with farmers.


2023-05-01 – 'A Perspective on Pros and Cons of Stakeholder Participation in the Design of Economic Experiments for Agricultural Policymaking' forthcoming in Applied Economic Perspectives and Policy

We shere our experiences on involving stakeholders in the design of experiments that are used for informing agricultural policies.


2023-04-02 – 'Positive versus negative information: what is really shifting consumers’ intention to eat Norwegian salmon? Evidence from three European countries' forthcoming in Food Quality and Preference

We study the drivers affecting Norwegian salmon consumption in three European countries–Italy, Poland, and France–using the Theory of Planned Behaviour while experimentally testing the effects or neutral, positive, and negative information.


2023-02-28 – 'Attitudinal Drivers of Home Bias in Public Preferences for Transboundary Nature Protected Areas' forthcoming in Ecological Economics

We investigate why the valuation of transboundary nature protection areas differs for home vs. abroad protection.