What's new?


2018-03-27 – 'The Baltic Sea as a time machine for the future coastal ocean' forthcoming in Science Advances

Reversing the status of a highly disturbed marine ecosystem - lessons from science-based and 43 cross-border management of the Baltic Sea.


2018-03-20 – 'Receiver benefits and strategic use of call externalities in mobile telephony markets' forthcoming in Information Economics and Policy

We demonstrate the extent of incentives for incumbent mobile phone operators to increase off-net pricing to an entrant's network and discuss the resulting consequences for customer base growth and regulation.


2017-09-25 – 'Using geographically weighted choice models to account for the spatial heterogeneity of preferences' forthcoming in the Journal of Agricultural Economics

We develop a geographically weighted multinomial logit model to explicitly account for spatial distribution of preferences.


2017-07-17 – 'Addressing empirical challenges related to the incentive compatibility of stated preference methods' forthcoming in the Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization

We propose an econometric framework for incorporating latent beliefs over consequentiality into discrete choice models and apply the method to the case of funding municipal theaters in Warsaw.


2017-06-19 – 'Use and non-use values in an applied bioeconomic model of fisheries and habitat connections.' forthcoming in Marine Resource Economics

We propose a dynamic bioeconomic fisheries model in which the presence of natural habitats reduces fishing cost and also supplies non-use benefits. Empirical application to cold water corals in Norway shows how non-use values impact upon the optimal fishing practices.


2017-06-10 – 'Is Forest Landscape Restoration Socially Desirable? A Discrete Choice Experiment Applied to the Scandinavian Transboundary Fulufjället National Park Area.' forthcoming in Restoration Ecology

We assessed people’s stated preferences for policy aimed at enhancing restoration of functional networks of naturally dynamic boreal forest habitats. So far designation of protected areas in Fennoscandia has focused on remnant patches of near-natural forests, and not on forest landscape restoration.


2017-04-23 – 'Gain and loss of money in a choice experiment. The impact of financial loss aversion and risk preferences on willingness to pay to avoid renewable energy externalities.' forthcoming in Energy Economics

We test if marginal utility of money is constant with respect to gains and loses and explore the extent to which they are affected by loss and risk aversion of an individual.


2017-04-19 – 'Re-examining empirical evidence on stated preferences: Importance of incentive compatibility.' forthcoming in Journal of Environmental Economics and Policy

We review empirical studies devoted to testing validity of stated preference methods. We find that studies that satisfy the necessary conditions for incentive compatibility (coercive payment mechanism, consequentiality, etc.) consistently show that stated preference methods can provide valid estimates of preferences and willingness to pay.