Course rules

  1. Completing Advanced Microeconomics requires completing the two separate parts:
    1. Microeconomics, Game Theory and Industrial Organization – dr Mikołaj Czajkowski
    2. Computable General Equilibrium – mgr Jan Hagemejer
  2. In order to complete each of the parts students need to collect at least 50% combined points from the two following components:
    1. part-exam (weighted 75%);
    2. home assignments (25%).
  3. The final grade will be average of the grades from the two separate parts (rounded up), with the restriction of both of them being at least 3 (otherwise the final grade becomes 2).
  4. Part-exams are written exams to be taken by all students at the same time (only one date for everyone).
  5. There will be only one possibility to retake any of the failed part-exams. This will be organized after the course concludes, in writing, for all students at the same time.
  6. Absence from any of the exams is equivalent to failing it.
  7. There will be no other possibilities of completing the course.
  8. ‘0 tolerance for cheating’.